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 Michigan Mineral, Rock, Gem, Fossil and Lapidary Clubs

· Michigan Mineralogical Society (The Greater Detroit Area Show)

· The Flint Rock and Gem Club

· Central Michigan Lapidary and Mineral Society (Mason, MI, Ingram County Fairgrounds Show)

· Mt. Clemens Gem and Lapidary Society

· Big Rapids Rock, Gem, and Mineral Club

· Michigan Geological and Gemcraft Society


Mineral, Rock, Gem, Fossil and Lapidary Sites

· Ron Gibbs’ site (a former long-time MMRC member who moved to N. Car.)

· An extensive informational site

· An extensive link list to various sites

· The International Sand Collectors Society


Rock , Mineral, Fossil & Gemstone ID



· - Uof M site for fossil ID

·  -- The Rock Key, a step-by-step rock identification table

· -- Rock ID method on

· -- Rock ID tables on


Other Web sites of Interest

· American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

· Midwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies:

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· Chippewa Nature Center:

· Joe Kchodl's recommendation:

· The Fluorescent Mineral Society:

· Joel the Rockman (Joel Vicary’s website. Member of the MCGLS Club located in Mt. Clemens, MI)

· Metamorphic Rocks, Teaching Guide to Understanding Metamorphic Rocks

· Geology News,

· Lots of information on fossils --

· LOTS of information on trilobites --

· Minerological Society of America --


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· Alan Jennings — 

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