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Carved jade, Lizzadro Museum, Chicago, IL.

The Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Arts is located in Chicago, IL.  It is well-known in the lapidary arts field as one of the premier museums.



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The Lapidary Arts encompass many ways of using gemstones and metal, either separately or together.  These include the following forms:


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10-inch trim saw.Text Box: 10” Trim Saw
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Pictures of Lapidary Materials  from MMRC Members

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Faceting and Faceted StonesCabochonsCabochonsText Box: Click on the picture above for pictures of  cabochons and jewelry made from cabochons

Lapidary Schools


A search of the Internet will find several lapidary schools, such as the Taos School of Metalsmithing  and Lapidary Design (This is not a recommendation, just an illustrative example.)


Additionally, many rock clubs and rock shows offer courses in the lapidary arts.


Even the Midland Center for the Arts has occasional classes in metalworking and lost-wax casting.

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Rock TumblingIntroductory Rock Tumbler.Text Box: Click on the picture above for information on tumbling.

General Lapidary

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Doublets, Triplets

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