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What is a fossil?

The word ‘fossil’ comes from the Latin word  ‘fossilis’ meaning dug up.


Fossils are any remains of once-living creatures that are greater than 10,000 years old.


Terms relating to fossils:

· Paleontology:  the study or science of fossils

· Subfossil:  Usually any fossil-type remains less than 10,000 years old.

· Trace Fossil:  Things that are made by ancient creatures (eg: fossil excrement = coprolite, tracks = footprints & worm tubes, gastroliths [stomach stones], ancient human tools)


Alex Iwanow (Alex may be contacted at 989-687-5895)

Where can I find fossils in MI?

Most Michigan fossils come from the northern Lower Peninsula, often the Alpena Area.  As with all collecting, permission to collect from an area must be obtained before starting.  Michigan has lots of State and Federal land where collecting, if allowed, is restricted to certain areas.  Access to quarries and other fossil collecting sites can be facilitated by joining rock club field trips.  Click HERE to go to the current MMRC field trip page.  (Hint: scroll down to see pictures of past trips.)  PaleoJoe Kchodl, a mid-Michigan-based paleontologist, also  leads fossil-collecting field trips.  Click HERE to go to his webpage for more information.

Thanks to Alex Iwanow, Joe Kchodl, and John Copp for supporting this page.

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See Michigan Fossils! -- PaleoJoe’s traveling exhibit “Fossils of the Michigan Basin” schedule can be accessed by clicking HERE.

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