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MI & other nearby collecting sites

Picture of beach at Whitefish Point, MI, with link to additional pictures.

Lake Superior Beaches -Apr12 Click HERE for more

Picture of boulder with inclusions, with link to more pictures.

Saginaw Bay Shoreline -Mar12 Click HERE for more

Picture of rock pile at Rockport Quarry, North of Alpena, MI.

Alpena MI Fossils+-- May10 Click HERE for more

Picture of the entry sign at Trammel Fossil Park, Sharonville, OH.

Ohio Rock & Adventure Trip Oct 10

Click HERE for more!

Picture of rock ledge near the Lost River, near Orangeville, IN.

Indiana, Kentucky &Ohio,  Rock & Adventure Trip Oct 11 --Click HERE for more!

Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula Sep09 --Click HERE for more!

Picture of Keweenaw beach, MI.

There are many different types of rock, mineral and fossil collectors across the world.  These range from a child finding a rock on the ground that had an interesting color or shape to a serious collector that has several hundred different types of specimens.  There are investors that buy and sell minerals for money to the people that have a few pieces from a memorable vacation or trip.  Some collectors collect only fluorescent pieces, some only crystals while others collect from a favorite area.  No matter what the situation is, they all have one thing in common, the enjoyment of mother earth’s greatest wonder.


Jim Geiger

Rock Collecting

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The following websites offer opinions of what is (or may be) needed to collect rock specimens.  It is suggested that you consider your specific needs, for instance:  collecting location, expected types of rock, how far you will have to carry your tools, etc.


· From E-How -- How to Use Rock Collecting Tools (and a tool list buried in the ads!)

· From Rockhounding Arkansas -- Rock Collecting Tools (nice list with tips for use)

· From Inland Lapidary -- Rock Hounding 101 (Lots of info for those just getting started)

Thanks to Jim Geiger and John Copp for supporting this page.

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Picture of the Smithsonian, with link to mineral displays.

Suggestions for display and storage of your collection  Click HERE (and scroll down past the ads! -- it’s worth it.)

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