About us

Our club is welcoming for all the rockhounders with open arms since 1996. For more than 20 years we’re gathering different people under one roof, because all of them share one single passion - rock hunting.

We started as a small but determined community. From the very beginning we set a goal to become one of the best rockhounding clubs in Michigan (there are quite a lot of them these days) and we did it. But the most precious thing we’ve achieved is the Chlorastrolite and Petoskey stone monthly fair, where everyone can exhibit their collection; take a look at the ‘treasures’ which lie in front of us; purchase some of the items; share a really good story, while the kids are acting as new Indy on the block in a movie-based kids area. Food & drinks vendors are also present.

Guests and general public are always welcome with open arms!

Together we can discover the hidden gems around us!

Meet Our Members

Tommy O’Bryan
Club’s co-founder

Tommy is one of the founders of the club, who is totally dedicated to his hobby. He inspires us all with his creative thinking, unique and original ideas, stunning marketing approach and ability to plan literally everything.

Jenny Rice
Rockhounder of the Month

Jenny takes active part in all of the club’s activities. And she managed to find one the biggest and Petoskey stones we’ve ever seen. Traditionally, Rockhounder of the Month will be the one to get a ‘special prize’ on the next monthly fair. Our congratulations to Jenny!

Christina Winey
Club’s co-founder

Christina is not only one of the co-founders of the club she’s also our honoured president as well. She deserved it all with her passion and openness to everyone. If there’s anything you wish to ask, arrange a meeting or a ‘hunting’ trip, Christina is the right person to get in touch with.